About Our Region

Who we are

We are a group of amateur and professional nature photographers based in the
Triangle area and eastern
North Carolina.
We welcome photographers at all levels of experience! Our goals are: To promote nature
photography in the Carolinas;
To create an awareness and appreciation for the area’s natural beauty;
To educate others interested in nature and wildlife photography.
We have scheduled photo outings every month. Our monthly meetings include an educational presentation and photo critique period for those interested.



Stephen Davis

Steering Committee

Alan Strait, Coordinator
Susan Bailey
Charles Johnson
Ben Williams

Meeting Coordinator

Michael Hare

Exhibits Coordinator


Education Committee

Michael Hare


Outings Committee

Bill Cloud, Coordinator

Susan Bailey
Barbara Blaisdell
Mary Doherty
Rossy Garcia
David McManus

Jim Zieger


Dave Hattori

Tom Griffin


Mark Lindsay